About Mike

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I’ve been hiking basically my whole life. I’ve got the scars on my forehead from falling as a toddler to prove it. It wasn’t until later in life as I began to go out on my own to explore in earnest that taking pictures began to be important to me. At first it was just for myself. Remembering the unique or beautiful spots that I found fueled my desire to take pictures.

As a teenager, I only had a crappy point and shoot camera that could fit in my pocket. Then I went to college and studied marketing. As a supplemental set of classes to my major, I decided to learn how to do some design work and actually create some ads. This landed me in a photography class using my dad's outdated Canon 10D body and a poor quality kit lens.

I didn’t know about fancy equipment and honestly didn’t care. What I did quickly come to realize, though, was how much fun photography could be when you understand what you’re doing, at least a little. There are few things that feel as satisfying to me in life as taking beautiful pictures.

After moving down to St. George, Utah, my passion for photographing landscapes grew exponentially. There was so much beauty around me I had to start capturing and sharing what I saw and loved about this desert. I now try to inspire and motivate people to go and enjoy nature: to give back to it and to share it with their loved ones. It’s my sincere hope that as people purchase my art work they will be bringing more light, joy and happiness into their homes.

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